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19 Sep

Pay it Forward Friday’s: Here’s the funniest ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE I’ve seen!

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Here’s the funniest ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE I’ve seen. I couldn’t be more entertaining. My board of directors Jacqui Abel and Tyler Katsos took the challenge for the The MLFS foundation to makes a $200.00 donation to the ALS foundation. My heart goes out to all those caring for a loved one with A.L.S. and to those suffering. I hope this makes you smile.

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17 Sep

Women To Watch Wednesday : Beyoncé

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It is safe to say Beyoncé is a household name.  By “household” I mean literally everyone who could possibly reside in your home knows who she is – that includes grandma, definitely grandpa, your dad who just learned to text message and your mom who secretly breaks it down to “Irreplaceable” when no one is looking. This beloved go-getter has a drive and achievement meter like no other.  At the age of seven, she won a talent show by singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” and was hooked on performing.  She hasn’t stopped since, and for that our iPods are thankful. Forbes has named her “Most Powerful Celebrity in the World” and has also been named TIME’S “Most Influential Person”. Her living room shelves are loaded with Grammys, amongst 262 other awards, and if she has anything to say about it, they will one day hold an Oscar or two. That’s what we love about Beyoncé, she is constantly propelled by the next challenge and stays hungry for more –not to mention, she knows when to pat herself on the back.  (Insert her Top 40 Hit, “Ego”). In her, we see the many versions of ourselves that we recognize, even if we’ve never graced a stage.  Her feminine force, savvy innovation, devotion to her heart’s voice, and newfound joy as a mother are pillars to our four prototypes. Mother:  Not many of us can say we’ve breastfed a child in a recording studio, but Beyoncé was quick to find a work/mother balance.  She is redefining what means to be a mother.  Many times, women lose their individual identity in the role of nurturer and caretaker, but Beyoncé is on a mission to show us you can still strike out and unfold yourself while toting a diaper bag.  She understands the struggle mothers can face as they try to get a handle on their sense of self and wants to lead by example, showing other mothers they still have a plethora of life opportunities. Lover: Queen B has been with her husband Shawn Carter (otherwise known as Jay-Z) for 12 years –married for 6 of those years.  While she has been the eye of adoration for many a man, she only has eyes for one.  She makes this extremely known in all of her music.  And while she may have hits like “Diva”, she definitely knows how to treat her man king status as well.  Many of her hits pay homage to treating your man right, even catering to him when you want to make him to feel special (“Cater to You”) and continuing to dress sexy despite being together for a long time (“Freakum Dress”). Fighter:  Since the days of her 1993 loss on Star Search, Beyoncé has been fighting her way to the top of the charts.  When her successful group, Destiny’s Child, dismantled in 2000, she fought allegations from previous group members in and out of court and turned that turmoil into another #1 hit, “Survivor”.  Later, in 2011, Beyoncé dealt with the tension of letting her father and manager go so she could steer her career solo-style.  We all know family and business can get touchy – try handing that in front of millions of people— but she stood firm and has continued to thrive.  Most recently, Beyoncé has had to defend allegations of a rocky marriage when a hotel elevator surveillance clip captured her younger sister violently lashing out at Jay-Z.  Despite a constant rumor-mill, Beyoncé has kept her head high and the hits coming. Sage: The list of charities and causes Beyoncé backs is long and assorted.  But one to perhaps consider doing yourself this week is operation “Miss a Meal”.  This initiative calls on families to miss one meal and donate that saved money to charity.  It also helps reinforce gratitude for our full stomachs most nights and how others in the world aren’t always so fortunate.  Her most recent charitable effort is called BeyGood and joins forces with the UK and Prince Charles to help young people in hardship create better lives for themselves.  While celebrities are known to share the wealth, Beyoncé has been known to donate several million dollars to a cause and keep it top secret!  Now that is integrity. Thank you Beyoncé for your active example in how women can be multifaceted and soul oriented simultaneously.  We have loved watching you grow and have no doubt you will be a woman to watch long into your silver years!

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