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31 Oct

10 Ways to Give Back at Halloween

31/10/2014   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Barbara McNally

One does not normally associate October with charitable efforts. Halloween’s holiday cousins, Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually take the spotlight in the do-good arena. But, Halloween is ready to do its part in the higher good category. Here are --- ways to exercise your charitable bone this Halloween:
  1. Bring your kids in on the fun and suggest bringing portions of trick or treat candy to kids in need or send the sweet treats to troops stationed abroad.
  1. Host or chose to attend a charitable costume party that raises funds for supportive organizations.
  1. Compile your old costumes and donate to a shelter.
  1. Take the kids to trick-or-treat at a nearby children’s hospital where they can give some company and sugary goodness to kids unable to get outdoors.
  1. Purchase your costume at Goodwill or the Salvation Army and proceeds from your purchase go towards job training and placement services to those needing a boost in the workforce.
  1. Consider crafting your own costume from supplies already in your possession and use the money you would have spent on an expensive costume to send an anonymous gift card to someone you know could use the extra cash.
  1. Select fair-trade candy to support companies who pay their workers fairly and offer healthy working conditions.
  1. Encourage kids to make “Trick or Thanks” rounds to hand out candy for the unsung heroes in their community. Policemen, firefighters, lifeguard, or EMT stations included.
  1. Surprise your mail carrier with a package. While your carrier is used to giving YOU mail, leave a card and Halloween treats for them to see when collecting their next rounds.
  2. Make a blessing bucket. Take a decorative witches pot and add slips of paper that have inspiring quotes or good words of advice for each trick-or -treater to take with them in lieu of candy.
Halloween has long been a fun, festivity-filled holiday. Add yet another reason to celebrate to the hauntingly good time and incorporate one or more of these goodwill gestures to your goblin oriented duties.

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29 Oct

Renee Zellweger – 5 Ways Our View on Celebrities Describes Our Self-Worth

29/10/2014   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Sage

This past week, the internet blazed a backlash trail with criticism sparked by Renee Zellweger’s apparent plastic surgery debut. In typical form, entertainment outlets and personal blogs were all ready to jump on this “fresh meat” celebrity spectacle. Perhaps one can wonder, what would the headline read if you were to flip the microscope? “Unhappy Housewife Jabs Zellweger’s Red Carpet Look for Entire Lunch Hour!” That wouldn’t make one feel particularly great, would it? But we would actually benefit a great deal from this headline reversal process. Here are 5 other ways we can practice role reversal in regards to our views towards celebrities to get to the bottom of our own self-worth.
  1. Notice your first impression. If a judgmental thought is your first observation, you can bet you are playing host to the company of your own judgmental anxieties. Did you immediately think the celebrity was too old, too short, or unattractive due to their large forehead? That reaction is a red flag that some serious inner inventory needs to be taken. When you possess a healthy love of self, you reflect a healthy love of others.
  1. Explore your expectations. Do you find yourself saying, “Well, they ASK for this kind of treatment when they step into the spotlight!” If so, that is like saying a clockmaker should expect to have a plethora of cameras outside their window when they leave their shop each day. When they eat with their family, they should anticipate being interrupted by individuals who barge into their personal space and demand their clock be signed or a photo taken for their publication. And when the clockmaker takes a vacation, they can be followed so a photo of them swimming can be plastered on the front page of a magazine. Just because our passion may not include public performing, doesn’t mean they should receive any less humanity than someone who was endowed with a different passion.
  1. Balance your thinking cap. Has a celebrity entered rehab and you are STILL talking about it with your girlfriends at happy hour 2 weeks later? If the activities of celebrities (who are usually complete strangers) take up a chunk of your conversational queues, looking inside at some self-avoidance will do a soul good. When you’re busy filling thought bubbles and conversations around the life of someone else, you don’t leave time to think or talk about the rollercoaster that is your own life.
  1. Enquire the Emphasis. Time and time again, a celebrity will arrive to a press junket to speak about their upcoming performance and become bombarded with questions about their personal life or current unfavorable circumstances they are dealing with. If you find yourself tuning in just to see if something juicy is spilled versus wanting to learn more about their new role or tour, ask yourself why the interest is heightened around the unrelated topic? Perhaps you will find there are times in your own life where you are accomplishing great things, but still treat yourself as if that’s just not good enough…you could very well be self-sabotaging your successes by bringing unrelated life drama out of the woodwork.
  1. Check the scandal scales. Do you secretly get a rush when a celebrity is plastered across the news with a sensational “It can’t be true!” headline? The truth is, if drama is your rush you may be rushing to drama in other seemingly calm areas of your life. Perhaps a rift you deemed far-gone was actually a small misunderstanding that could be easily patched up over a healthy conversation and some coffee. Do you find your reaction levels soaring to the heighten spectrum of the emotional scale? Learning to feel alive amidst the non-eventful, smooth waters of life is an important part of your life experience.
When the cameras are rolling, all eyes are rightfully on our celebrity culture. But behind the lens lies a human. Someone who has childhood hurts, secret hopes, insecurities and longing to be loved. Sound familiar? May you feel confident with the soul you uphold so it always has enough strength to pick others up. Even famous “others”.

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