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30 Jan

Birthing the Dream – Project Pregnancy: 10 Reasons Your Project IS Your Baby

30/01/2015   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Mother

It’s 2015 and we are a breed of multi-faced women currently defining how a generation will be defined. How liberating is that? While being a mother traditionally meant physically birthing children, these days women can carry projects and aspirations to full term and become a “project parent”. Here are 10 reasons your project can totally be your baby:
  1. The Initial Signs – While Mother Nature is responsible for the “missed” event in a physical pregnancy, the initial misses in a project pregnancy are usually more economical or socially based. Perhaps you start missing ladies night to work on your proposal or synopsis. Your “going out”, trip and shopping money turns into saving for when you get the nerve to quit your current job. And instead of looking forward to dinner and a movie with the honey, you are happy to sit side by side on the couch with open laptops joyfully working away on your soon-to-be empire. Also present during this stage are waves of self-doubt and anxiousness from thinking, “Am I really going to go for this?” serve as the “morning sickness”.
  1. Cravings – Ahh, the cravings. You can’t control them! Suddenly, you are addicted to business card and website design. You subscribe to a plethora of entrepreneurial or inspirational go-getter newsletters and YouTube channels. You attend every women’s conference that comes within driving distance to you!
  1. Motherly Glow – Once you’ve reached this trimester in your project pregnancy, everyone knows you are expecting to debut some piece of beautiful awesome to the world soon. You’ve spread the word on your social media and email chains. You’re networking and connecting left and right. A proud, confident air follows when you walk into the room.
  1. Mood Swings –You think your project is Today Show worthy one minute, then two hours later you’re crying over an empty pizza box debating whether you should just get back on LinkedIn and find a “real” job or convert your empire to a “side project”. And absolutely do not ask us, “Is that the same thing you had on this morning?” when coming home.
  1. Sleepless Nights –Tossing and turning is the new routine. Your mind simply cannot shut off! New ideas and strategies endlessly seek your attention. You turn on the light at 2AM to set a reminder to contact so & so. You keep a notepad on your nightstand because you want to capture all the crazy dreams you are having – because there may be ideas in them, too, after all!
  1. The Shower /”Soft” Opening –Your precious project baby is almost here! Your closest friends, family and supporters gather to encourage your newfound life path. Social media shout-outs introducing your page go out to all your friends’, friends. Some send emails and texts of congratulatory praise. Your aunt even made a custom mug with your new logo on it – how sweet!
  1. The “Breaking” Point– While this break situation is not water related, it still packs an adrenaline punch with the element of surprise. You suddenly feel your breathing increasing; you’re getting hot, sweating even! All of these ideas that were living inside your imagination are really happening! This is for real! “Am I ready for this? Am I going to be a good project parent?” constantly runs through your head. It’s at this point that there is seemingly “no going back”. You’ve signed the dotted line and made the commitment to project parenthood.
  1. Labor Pains –Too bad there isn’t an epidural for project pains. There are days when you’re sick but you’re the boss, so you get tough. There are days not a single customer will call even though your producing an amazing gift out into the world. Some days, no one will “Like” your page or recent status. Your first year or two of paychecks will not resemble the ones you’re used to getting. Some confused, jealous or just plain sucky people will make snide remarks about your “quality” or goals. BUT, when you think about that precious project baby bundle of joy and how it is an expression of your very soul and means the absolute world to you – it is completely worth it.
  1. The Terrible 2’s –Your project has now grown a mind of its own. After about two years, it starts to get independent. Maybe it wants other project brother and sisters, and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe it doesn’t want to operate under the same rate, same hours per week, same responsibilities, or same clientele. Your project will definitely let you know more of what it wants from you around year two. But the clarity is oh-so refreshing.
  1. A Mother’s Love –No matter what your project does, you carry it in a imaginary heart locket at all times. You could look back on pictures from your project’s adolescent years and laugh at how tacky your logo, website or newsletters were. Perhaps your project went through a rebellious phase and it had to “find itself” again. Maybe your project met another kindred spirit project and they united to make one big project family! No matter what happens, you are the #1 fan of your project for life. (You may even sport a bumper sticker at this point).
Does this post ring a bell? Care to tell us how your project is YOUR baby? What are your burning desires you’d like to “birth”?   (PS: We are in the process of nominating go-getting women to feature them and their pursuits on our blog and possibly in our upcoming book. To nominate yourself or someone you know, please visit

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28 Jan

Do You Know a “Woman to Watch”? Looking to cover women making moves – do tell!

28/01/2015   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Inspirational Women

Hi there lovely readers! In order to continue our quest of inspiring women to live Unbridled lives, we are approaching the publication of the next book in the Unbridled series! While the first book focused on our Unbridled matriarch, Barbara McNally’s, tale of redemption and tenacity, we now want to capture a collection of several women who also persevere despite various obstacles and make life a purpose-filled experience. This could be a friend with a start-up venture and two kids at home, a mom who is reinventing herself in her retirement and pursuing her art dreams, an old co-worker who followed her heart and is pursing her writing, or a sister who picked herself up after unsavory circumstances and is paving a new, bright life for herself – any female who is charging in life and DOING IT. And you know what? This could sound like YOU. Maybe you’ve launched a non-profit, a radio show, online business or your own line of beauty products – whatever it may be, we are all for you showcasing your colors to the world! Write us an email and tell us all about how you are doing your thing in life. (And yes, we welcome bragging!) If selected, we will contact you for further details regarding when we will cover your story on our site and if your segment will be featured as a chapter in the upcoming book. An area displaying your website and contact information will be available as we want to support your shine as much as possible! If you would like to nominate someone or yourself, please contact us or tag them in this post and we will connect! Here’s to showing the world what girls really are made of!

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