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25 Feb

Dr. Michelle Wolford: Mother of Natural Medicine

25/02/2015   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Inspirational Women

Perhaps one of the most recognized and notable traits of what we consider to be a mother figure is the ability and desire to nurture. Dr. Michelle Wolford is a young doctor who is trained as both a natural healer and medical doctor.  Translation: she is both book smart AND soul smart. While her youth is striking (literally she has a forever 20 “glow” about her), her wisdom is equally prominent. Her patients have developed such an intimate trust with her that they now bring their newborn babies and growing families to her soulful medical clinic tucked in the holistic mecca of Encinitas, California. Dr. Michelle has made a life of dissolving barriers and integrating new practices to her patients’ lives. Today we focus on how she is infiltrating medicine into the mother wheel. 
  1. She’s all about balance. Michelle’s gift in treating patients is all about balance. She focuses on the physical body as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual facets found within each of us. Since she primarily treats those searching for internal balance (mental/emotional support and spiritual guidance), she carefully designs a balanced lifestyle plan addressing her patients’ emotional needs, which often leads to physical relief.   When emotions are off, our physical performance is off kilter and when our physical performance is lacking, our emotional status is likewise affected. Reining the two internal “atmospheres” is what she does best.
  1. She’s natural. The type of natural medicine Dr. Michelle practices is what she calls Earth Medicine. Anything as simple as water and sun to more complex remedies such as crafting an herbal tincture that matches her patient’s internal terrain to stimulate detoxification and room for healing. Michelle respects Mother Nature’s wisdom and intuition, and realizes she has provided us with everything we need for a complete and blissful existence. The Earth Medicine Dr. Michelle uses includes: botanical medicine, homeopathy (a form of energy medicine), flower essences, diet and supplementation to support her patients’ health. It can be used to treat the most acute or chronic illnesses addressing all levels of the human being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies). 
  1. She’s a black belt in listening. Often as a mother figure, you want to fix things for those you love as soon as humanly possible. But Dr. Michelle assures the real healing happens when you hold a safe, loving and non-judgmental space for people to express themselves – their fears, their ailments, their joys, their pains, their irritations and imbalances. When you listen, you can feel and hear what is really going on. You can connect the dots between their life and their physical, mental or emotional discomforts. Afterwards, patients are guided in how they can alter their perceptions, open their hearts and minds and begin to live an expansive life. 
  1. She shares her personal story. We can all vouch that our parents (especially mothers) were probably not 100% forthright when it came to disclosing their past mistakes, wild days or failures. Part of a parenting illusion is that a parent has to be a pillar of perfection or else their child will question their authority or no doubt see their failure as an open door to failure in their own lives. All of which is false. Dr. Michelle is happy to share her successes and perceived failures with her patients. I say perceived because Dr. Michelle adamantly believes there is no such thing as failure. She is always open and willing to share stories of her travels, untimely passing of her father at a young age, relationship experiences, sexual abuse and her professional journey. In doing so, her patients know they are dealing with an authentic individual in which they can place their trust.
  1. She flirts with life. Yeah, that’s right. Mother figures can flirt, too. And Dr. Michelle is particularly seduced by life itself. She has experimented and navigated her way through life – from living in Texas, to Indiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Oregon, Australia, Mexico and California. And traveling throughout Asia, India, South America and Europe. It is through her travels and life journey that she realized her purpose and calling as a Natural Healer. When she’s not with patients, you can usually find her engaging in a competitive game of beach volleyball, paddling out at Moonlight beach for a spiritual session with the ocean or sweating out life’s toxins in yoga. In addition to globetrotting the world to enhance her medical and spiritual knowledge, Dr. Michelle has a passion for foreign language, culture, dancing, music and the culinary arts. She finds great joy and passion in connecting with others and learning more about the world she lives in.
Thank you Michelle, or should we say, Dr. Wolford, for embodying a natural nurturer to the human body and soul. We admire your quest to live a balanced life and to love and care for each of our facets equally.  

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23 Feb

5 Reasons Every Single Girl Will Love Washington, DC

23/02/2015   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Creativity & Inspiration

The world is but an oyster to the liberated single woman. With an array of travel destination possibilities, there are often the obvious single retreat cities (think Vegas or New York). But, in the spirit of independence, and the pursuit of happiness and freedom here are 5 reasons you should spread your wings and experience singlehood in Washington DC.
  1.  A Stroll along the 2-mile National Mall. Hold on to your credit cards. While one would think this was a shopping mall, it is actually a green walkway between the National Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, lined with museums and memorials. And if you aren’t usually a history buff, you could surprise yourself at how much this area ends up grabbing ahold of you. I was amazed at the interest I took in the history and art and found the memorials tremendously moving. With the changing leaves, reflective pond and many fountains, there’s a balance of indoor and outdoor appeal that made this experience peaceful and educating.IMG_5290
  1. Meet educated, interesting men and women at the many refined social spots. The historic Landmark Hotel: The Willard is home to many historic icebreakers. For instance, the word “lobbyist” originated at The Willard Hotel when Ulysses Grant was an officer in 1869. While Grant enjoyed brandy and a cigar, petitioners asking for legislative favors relentlessly hounded him. It’s said that President Grant coined the term lobbyist, because they convened in the lobby area. The Round Robin & Scotch Bar also still remains a lively place since the days of Abraham Lincoln. It sits across the street from the White House and is always bustling at happy hour.IMG_5284
  1. 71% of the residents are single in Washington DC. That alone puts a lot of happy in happy hour. Perhaps the hottest happy hour is that atop of the Washington Hotel (hint: the locals call it the W.). I could not only see all of Washington DC, but also got to sample the vast array of singles in the city. Singles with purpose and direction I might add. Many I met where working for causes they believe in, had multiple degrees and were striving to make an impact in the world. It’s the most educated city in America. Say “So long!” to cheesy conversations about your horoscope.
  1. Glamour magazine and Match .com ranked Washington D.C. as the happiest place for single women. There is a continuous renewed source of men. (Thank you election season). I’ll be back in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom for sure.
  1. It’s the most protected city in the U.S, thus law enforcement is at every corner assuring a safe and clean city. With this added protection, it is easy and desirable to walk to everything. (Not to mention that due to it being built with a French influence the architecture and round-abouts make it difficult to navigate by car). So, you’ll enjoy the views while strolling through the city.
  1. The culture will inspire you. I went only for a short stint to receive an award on behalf of the MLFS Foundation, but ended up extending the trip to take in more of the culture. A city rich in history, festivals, art, fine dining, and dimensional residents, it only inspired me to travel more.
Have you been to D.C.? If so, what did you enjoy most about the city? If you have another Single City you thoroughly enjoyed, let us know!

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