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01 Oct

Women To Watch Wednesday: Ellen Degeneres

01/10/2014   |   No Comments »   |   Posted in Barbara McNally

Ellen DeGeneres is one of Hollywood’s most beloved personalities. She keeps her plate full as a comedian, writer, television host, actress and advocate. The Ellen we know is a fun-loving bubble of positive energy, but like all of us, she has overcome her own obstacles and made choices which helped her achieve her notorious upbeat status. In Ellen, we see a wonderful model for our four archetypes: Mother, lover, fighter, sage. While Ellen is not a biological mother, she is constantly nurturing individuals and their budding dream careers or helping showbiz “veterans” switch gears and showcase their newfound passions and causes dear to their heart. Countless pubic figures site her as their favorite show to be featured on because she has such a magnetic and enjoyable positive personality. A status any mother strives to uphold. Having an uncommon dream of being a comic, Ellen was used to feeling “different” but she never let other’s perception derail her dreams. Upon her college graduation, she set up standup gigs in small coffee houses and comedy clubs across Louisiana, accruing enough reputation to become the new emcee at Cyde’s Comedy Club in New Orleans. From there, Ellen garnered a crowd following and began touring nationally (what we would call ‘going viral’ today). Producers took notice and quickly nabbed her for on-screen projects. This blissful blonde with a passion for life was put to the test when her love life was put on blast when she “came out” in an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1997. Talk about getting something out there! She knew the move would make major waves, as she was one of the first television personalities to confirm their homosexuality to a national audience. The two later made light of this monumental move by having Ellen’s character in her self-titled sitcom, “Ellen” come out to her therapist played by Winfrey. While Ellen maintains supportive and close to past girlfriends, she tied the knot with wife Portia de Rossi in 2008 and the couple is about to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. Even with Oprah on your side, coming out isn’t an easy task and Ellen struggled with bouts of depression surfacing from abrasive reactions to her lifestyle. She wasn’t prepared for such a cruel backlash. The scrutiny of the public aside, the parent company of her hit sitcom cancelled her show amidst rumors they were no longer comfortable with the show’s direction now that Ellen was openly gay. Instead of letting both the personal and professional criticism get to her, Ellen marched forward and ended up establishing an even brighter career with The Ellen DeGeneres Show years later. In its 11 year run, she has received 13 Emmys and 14 People’s Choice Awards. Not to mention she has been repeatedly requested as The Academy Awards, The Grammys and Primetime Emmys hostess. As our former Woman to Watch, Beyoncé, would say, she’s definitely a Survivor! Despite all her many accolades, perhaps the most endearing characteristic in Ellen is her desire to excel others. Not only with their livelihood endeavors, but in how we actually live our life. She is a major supporter of transcendental meditation and often raises funds to help the practice enter at-risk schools. With a soft heart for healthy eating and the fur creatures in life, she is also extensively involved in vegan outreach, posting healthy recipes on her website regularly. Knowing in order to inspire others towards growth, you must first stimulate yourself; Ellen also continues to challenge her interests and comfort zones and recently debuted her record label, “ElevenEleven”. Thank you Ellen for being such a multifaceted model for women everywhere. Your courage, perseverance, kindness and laughs will no doubt continue to carry you onward and upward.

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29 Sep

Marry Yourself Monday: Be a Lover of Life

29/09/2014   |   2 Comments   |   Posted in Barbara McNally

barbara mcnally burlesque
"Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind." Unknown
Are you a lover of life? What turns you on?? Being a lover of life to me is living in my senses, as opposed to my mind.  While being more sensual will make me a better lover, it will also make me more present, creative, and vibrant. How do you wake up your senses? What do you taste, hear, touch, see and smell that brings the lover out in you?? Do you turn on your favorite music, wear your favorite scent and lingerie, pour a glass of champagne? How do you enjoy life even in the mundane? Yes I agree its’ hard to always find joy in life and it takes practice, so we don’t let life beat us down and kill the lover within. Our jobs, duties, obligations, finances and illness all can interfere, but I don’t want these parts of life to win. I want to BE HAPPY! I allow myself f to turn off my judgmental mind, through scuba diving, dancing, a relaxing meal, stroll, and being grateful.  I attempt to experiences each moment totally. No action is too small to ignite our senses. Pleasure is in our mind. That’s what I've learned from burlesque. It celebrates women’s sensual energy at every weight, age and height.  If we as women feel great about ourselves, it’s easier to enjoy sexual pleasures and every aspect of our lives.The art of the tease, whether eating an orange or stripping for my lover, is to move deliberately and slowly. Instead of quickly devouring my orange in the morning, I turn the process into an anticipatory experience. When I approach life in this manner, even the most simple activities like walking my dog or sipping coffee at an outdoor cafe take on a heightened level of pleasure and satisfaction. Be creative. Life is short so enjoy the sensual pleasures of life! Again, love to hear what turns you on, how you find joy in your life, being a lover of life!      

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